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15,205 children are now using The Music Game

About The Music Game

The Music Game is an IT-based material for music education for primary and secondary school pupils. It has been developed by Mette Kidal and Lars Christiansen, two experienced music teachers, and Søren Jønsson, an acknowledged game developer with experience from the Egmont Group.

Lars Christiansen and Mette Kidal

Lars Christiansen and Mette Kidal

Our ambition is for the children to become acquainted with the music in a digital universe where they are on their home ground and at the same time play on their desire to play.

New game-based learning about classical music

In The Music Game, Funky and Philia are the main characters in an entertaining universe taking place in the town Simfonia. Here, they must create an orchestra with different musicians, and during the game, they will be faced with a number of obstacles and challenges. The tasks will gradually become more and more difficult, but everyone can participate.
The game has been designed for third to sixth grade pupils.

The Music Game is based on differentiated learning and has been designed for beginners as well as children who are more experienced. The game’s degree of difficulty is increased or reduced automatically depending on how well the player is doing.

Interview with teacher recorded and edited by journalist Christian Rabe from the Danish news organisation Berlingske Media.

The teacher’s module enables you to monitor the progression of the individual pupil. Teachers can also open and close individual subgames depending on the focus of the lesson.

Furthermore, it is possible to upload your own information files which will be integrated in the game experience.

The project is sponsored by the Obel Family Foundation with DKK 2,000,000 - by the Louis-Hansen Foundation with DKK 300,000 and byThe Danish Ministry of Education with DKK 800,000.

Joining forces with symphony orchestras

School concerts are fantastic – the children love to listen to the musicians of a symphony orchestra, but when the concert is over, it may be a long time before the next musical experience comes along. Therefore, five Danish regional orchestras (the Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense and South Jutland Symphony Orchestras as well as the Copenhagen Phil) have agreed to participate in the project.

Recording sessions for The Music Game

Recording sessions for The Music Game

A good match for the professional requirements

During the development of the game, a large number curriculum’s objectives have been taken as the starting point to ensure a high learning level. This part of the project is closely monitored by Finn Holst, PhD from the Danish School of Education, who will conduct an external evaluation of the material.

As music teachers, we have experienced on a daily basis to be left to ourselves, to instruments, songbooks and what we have been able to piece together from various insufficient teaching material.

With The Music Game, the regional orchestras and we hope to be able to strike a note for a completely new reality of teaching.


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15,200 pupils are now using The Music Game!


“The Advisory Committee finds that "The Music Game" is an interesting and highly original digital learning material. There are very few teaching aids on the market that are aimed at music education. The company's competitor analysis in the application thus also shows that there are very few - actually no - competing products.

It also assessed the professionalism of the project is high, and there is a clear link to the National Curriculum. The Committee has further decided that it is positive that "The Music Game" contains a playful approach to learning and development.”

School children at the age of 8 to 13 playing The Music Game at Bett Learning Fair in London.

School children at the age of 8 to 13 playing The Music Game at Bett Learning Fair in London.

Launch the game

The Music Game works in most browsers.

Load time: we advice a good internet connection. 

See here how fast you can load the game.

Buy access

School subscription

The introduction price for a school subscription is £ 199.00 annually per class (excl. VAT).

Please order access here on order@themusicgame.net or phone +45 2219 0505/ +45 2893 1377.

It is free of charge to test the game. However, in the free version it is not possible to save the game and the teacher’s module is inactive. The appurtenant e-book containing tasks for inspiration is not included in the free version either.

System requirements:

  • Hardware: PC, mac, Chromebook (iPad version will be released shortly).
  • Browser: any browser will do except from  Explorer
  • Internet connection is necessary.

Teacher’s guide

The teacher’s guide contains methods, ideas and instructions in the use of The Music Game in the class:

  • Education programme
  • Ideas for using the individual games in music lessons

Technical instructions for the different functionalities:

  • How to open and close the different parts of the game
  • How to upload files, e.g. photos, text or sound for your pupils
  • How to monitor the progression of your pupils

Overview of the structure of The Music Game:

  • How to find certain topics
  • How you and your pupils navigate the game

Log on to launch the game. The pupil uses his/her own login and the game is launched. 

If you log on with a teacher’s login, you will also have access to the teacher feedback module with a separate tutorial. The teacher’s module enables the teacher to set and adjust the game to match the actual lesson and upload own files to be used in the game.

If you have any questions to the game, press or otherwise, please feel free to contact us on info@themusicgame.net  or phone

+45 2219 0505/ +45 2893 1377

If you wish to order the game, please buy access here