TG How to use TheMusicGame in lessons

How to use The Music Game

... in the class room

The Music Game can be used on its own or in conjunction with an education programme in the music room. We have developed different suggestions for education programmes, ready to use. Use them as they are, mix the different programmes, or use them as inspiration to create your own programmes.

If you need some time where the teaching of music has been planned for you, enabling you to spend time on other aspects of the lessons, you can use the programmes created by us. It requires only a minimum of preparation, especially as you become more familiar with the material.

The Music Game is also well suited for temps. Under the individual programmes, we have listed the ones best suited for temps.

Furthermore, under each individual programme, you can read about the purpose, approach, preparation and evaluation. Also included are text suggestions that you can upload. You can either record the text yourself or you can use the ones we have recorded for you.

If you want to create your own programmes or supplement the information we have selected, this is also possible. There are two photo frames available at the Museum for your own texts and photos, and you can always upload your own speech for the custodian. Furthermore, there is an entire bookshelf with eleven books that you can fill with your own material.

The individual minigames can be used at your discretion so that you can make up the music lesson as you wish. It is also possible to lock parts of the game as long as the pupils are in class. In this way, you can target the pupils' work.


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