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Recognising an instrument

Duration: 1 lesson - requires that the following lessons have been completed: Recognising an instrument - woodwinds, brass instruments, string instruments and percussions.

The following games are used for this exercise: the Museum and the Quiz at the television studio.

The pupils will achieve the following skills:

"They will become acquainted with the different instruments

"They will learn about the difference of the instruments based on what they look like, their timbre and name

"They will be able to recognise the individual instruments based on what they look like, their timbre and sound

"They will be able to place the different instruments in the right instrument families and know where they are placed in the orchestra.


The pupils must acquire knowledge of the instruments on their own by reading about them and listening to them at the Museum. All instruments are listed on the instrument tree.

In the Quiz, they must answer various questions about the instruments.

If the pupils have made too many mistakes in the subgames, they can always return to the museum and read about/listen to everything again.

Launch the activity by writing on the blackboard:

"Log on to www.themusicgame.net. Go to the Museum and hear what the custodian has to say".

Instructions for the pupils

The custodian's speech

"Hurry up! Hurry up! Today, we're in luck. You've been invited to TMG's television studio to participate in their famous quiz. It's only the very best who get selected, so it's quite an honour. I've been told that the quiz will be about instruments. What they look like, how they sound, and what they're called. You have to prepare meticulously, so don't waste any time! On the instrument tree at the Museum, you can find all the instruments you need. There are a lot of instruments, so you probably won't have time to go through them all. But go through a many as you can. Also read my note on the notice board. Hurry! - and by the way - you can always return and learn more about the instruments."

The custodian's note

Today, you must participate in the Quiz at TMG's television studio.

Read about the instruments on the instrument tree. There are a lot of instruments, but go through a many as you can. Remember also to listen to the sound of the instruments.

Remember: you can always return and learn more about the instruments.


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