LP Carl Nielsen

Composer - Carl Nielsen

Duration: 1 lesson

The following games are used for this exercise: the Museum, the composer Carl Nielsen and the Quiz at the television studio.

The pupils will achieve the following skills:

"They will become acquainted with the life of composer Carl Nielsen (1865-1931)

"They will become acquainted with the music composed by Carl Nielsen


The pupils must get to know Carl Nielsen on their own by reading about him and listening to the Prelude at the Museum behind this portrait. The pupils must also listen to Carl Nielsen talking about his life. The pupils will find Carl Nielsen in the city close to Betty's car with the bird droppings.

Furthermore, the pupils must read the texts about composers. The texts can be found by clicking on the music stand with all the notes.

In the Quiz, they must answer questions about Carl Nielsen. All questions deal with Carl Nielsen.

If the pupils have made too many mistakes in the subgames, they can always return to the museum and read about/listen to everything again.

Launch the activity by writing on the blackboard:

"Log on to www.themusicgame.net. Go to the Museum and hear what the custodian has to say".

Instructions for the pupils

The custodian's speech

"Hi there. Nice to see you. Yesterday, Carl came to see me. It's my nephew. He's very fond of music. We talked about the great Danish composer called Carl - that is Carl Nielsen.

Today, I came to work early to read about Carl Nielsen and what makes a composer. I wanted to be sure that what I tell my nephew is right. And to my surprise, there was quite a lot that I'd forgotten. I think I will drop by Carl Nielsen on my way home. I can normally find him close to Betty's car. Carl Nielsen loves to talk about his life so I'll find out more when talking to him.

Anyway, I don't have time to chatter. We're going through our paintings so that we can be quite sure that they're all dusted and hanging straight. You can read about Carl Nielsen if you click on his painting here at the museum. If you go to the music stand with all the notes, you can find out what makes a composer. Go to town and listen to him talking about his life.

Wait…I almost forgot. You can earn some money if you go to the television studio. They've a quiz about Carl Nielsen right now.

My God, time flies. I must run. But read my note on the notice board before you start. Bye!"

The custodian's note

Read about the composer Carl Nielsen. You will find the texts by clicking on his painting. Also click on the music stand with all the notes. Here, you can find out what makes a composer.

Go to the Quiz. I am pretty sure that they have a quiz about Carl Nielsen today so you will have ample opportunities to earn some money.

Have fun!


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