LP Size an pitch


Duration: 1 lesson

The following games are used for this exercise: the Museum and Bendtsens Birds.

The pupils will achieve the following skills:

"They will become acquainted with the fact that tones may have different pitches (in the Music Game, we use the terms high and low pitches. These are also the terms used in the symphony orchestras)

"They will become acquainted with the terms high, low, higher and lower

"They will get a sense of how the pitch affects the music

"They will be able to distinguish which tone is higher or lower compared to another tone

"They will be able to distinguish between tones in a series of single tones

"They will be able to use the terms when discussing music


The pupils must get to know pitches on their own at the museum. Then, they must test their knowledge in the game 'Bendtsens Birds'. In the game, the park keeper will whistle and the pupils must place the birds in the same order.

Launch the activity by writing on the blackboard:

"Log on to www.themusicgame.net. Go to the Museum and hear what the custodian has to say".


Always use the relevant musical terms when discussing music.

Instructions for the pupils

The custodian's speech

"Good morning. I'm happy to see you. I walked through the park today and I met park keeper Bendtsen. He was over the moon. He's been trying to learn how to whistle for a long time and now, he's finally good at it. The funny part is that the birds in the park are now whistling the same tones as Bendtsen. It sounds peculiar. But the birds don't always sit in the right order on the branch so they need a hand.

Unfortunately, I was running out of time this morning so I was wondering whether you could find him. I promised to try and pop by later but I won't be able to make it. I've a big presentation tomorrow for the hospital staff and I have to prepare. It's their annual vaccination day. I mean - I'm not getting vaccinated - ha ha. No, they usually drop by and have a guided tour before afternoon tea on the day of their course. Well, I must get on with my work. Oh, by the way … you'd better read book No. 2 in the brown bookcase. Here, you can read about pitches. You'll need it when visiting Bendtsen. See you… Oh, I forgot to say that you should read my note on the notice board. Bye!

The custodian's note

"Bendtsen down by the Park has just learned to whistle. And the birds are whistling the same tones as he does but they cannot find their right places on the branch. So if you could go down and help him, I am sure that Bendtsen will appreciate it. But before you go, read book No. 2 in the brown bookcase. You will need this information to solve the task. Have fun!"


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