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 Tempo 1 - adagio and allegro

Duration: 1 lesson

The following games are used for this exercise: the Museum, the Violin Street Musician, the Quiz.

The pupils will achieve the following skills:

"They will become acquainted with two different tempi - adagio (slow tempo) and allegro (lively tempo)

"They will be able to distinguish between the two tempi

"They will be able to recognise the two tempi when listening to them

"They will be able to use the proper name of the two tempi when discussing music

"They will be able to form an opinion as to how the tempo affects the music


The pupils must acquire knowledge of the two tempi on their own by reading about them and listening to the examples in book No. 4, text boxes 3 and 5 at the Museum.

The pupils will play the mini game with the violin street musician Mai and in this way test their knowledge. Please note that the street musician will play other tempi as well.

In the Quiz, they will furthermore have to answer questions about adagio and allegro. All questions deal with adagio and allegro.

If the pupils have made too many mistakes in the subgames, they can always return to the museum and read about/listen to everything again.

Launch the activity by writing on the blackboard:

"Log on to www.themusicgame.net. Go to the Museum and hear what the custodian has to say".


"Always use the terms describing the different expressions when talking with the pupils: adagio (slow tempo) and allegro (lively tempo).

Instructions for the pupils

The custodian's speech

"Hello there. Nice to see you. I've a lot of things to do so I don't have time to use adagio. Allegro is much more suitable. Ha, ha what I'm trying to say is that….no, you know what…it's much more fun if you find out for yourself. Go to the brown bookcase and find book No. 4. Look under chapters 3 and 5 where you can read about everything and listen to it as well. Also read chapter 1. There's some important information there.

Have you met Mai? She's playing the violin down by the Park. She's a fantastic player. She can play in different tempi. If you go down to her, I'm sure that you can persuade her to play so that you can earn some money. The only thing you have to do is to guess what tempo she's playing.

By the way, the television studio called. That's why I thought of adagio and allegro. They need some answers for a new quiz. I suggest that you go and visit them. I'm sure that you can earn some extra money there.

Well, I must be on my way. Have a look at my note on the notice board before you begin. See you later."

The custodian's note

Read book No. 4 in the brown bookcase. Read the text boxes 1, 3 and 5 about tempi, adagio and allegro.

Then go down to the Park and find Mai. She's playing the violin. I'm sure you can persuade her to play. If you can figure out in which tempo she's playing, you can earn some money.

Go to the Quiz as well. They've some questions about adagio and allegro today.

Have fun!


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