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The Baroque period (1600-1750)

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The Baroque Period 1

The time of the baroque music started around the year 1600. It was  then the first opera was composed. It ended in 1750 when the composer Johann Sebastian Bach died.

Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Frideric Handel and Antonio Vivaldi were some of the Baroque Period's most famous composers.

You can read more about the three composers here at the Museum.

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The Baroque Period 2

The King has ultimate authority

Most countries in Europe had absolute monarchy during this Baroque period. Absolute monarchy means that the King has the supreme power. He can decide what ever he likes. And he cannot be overruled.

The Kings built beautiful castles to show how rich they were.

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The Baroque Period 3

A clear tune

During the Baroque Period, it became trendy to use a clear tune. The other singers or instruments made the matching harmonies.

The new trend was perfect for operas. And even today, songs are composed in this way - also when it comes to pop and rock music.

During the Baroque Period, the symphony orchestras came was invented. The operas with their beautiful costumes were in need of a larger orchestra - a symphony orchestra.


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The Baroque Period 4

New instruments

Organs began to appear in many of the large churches. But an organ was a very expensive instrument. It costs a lot of money.

So, when a town had spent a fortune on an organ, they wanted to listen to it. So the organists started to held concerts.

In The Baroque Period the piano, the oboe and the Western concert flute were developed.

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The Baroque Period 5

The birth of the opera in 1597

The last half of the 1500s was a calm period in Northern Italy. There were no wars.

Men in the rich town of Florence started clubs where they met. At the clubs, they wrote poetry, played music and studied science together.


One of the clubs was interested in ancient Greece. They wanted to stage a Greek drama with theatre and songs. But nobody knew how ancient Greek music sounded. The Greeks did not use notes so the tunes had been forgotten and had disappeared.

The club gave a performance and everybody thought that it was a real Greek drama. But it was not. It was something new - the first opera.

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The Baroque Period 6

Inventions and science

Scientists discovered many new things in the Baroque Period.

The British scientist, Isaac Newton discovered that you could divide light into all its different colours. He also explained gravity. The Dane Niels Steensen studied dead people to see what the human body looked like on the inside.

During the Baroque Period, binoculars, the microscope, the mechanical calculator and the thermometer were invented, among other things.

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