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The speed of something is called tempo. When there is more than one tempo, it is called tempi.

A piece of music can have many different tempi.

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Every tempo has its own name.

500 years ago, composers from Italy got the idea to name the different tempi. Therefore, tempi have Italian names.


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There are many different tempi. In this box and the next three boxes, you can listen to the most used tempi and see their names.

Adagio is a slow tempo. Adagio is when you are walking slowly.

Link: Listen to adagio

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Tempi 4

Andante is a calm tempo. Andante is the Italian word for walking. It is as if you are taking a walk in a normal speed. This tempo is faster than adagio.

Link: Listen to andante

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Tempi 5

Allegro is a lively tempo. Allegro is more like a quick walk.

Link: Listen to allegro

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Tempi 6

Presto is a fast tempo. Presto can be like a quick run.

Link: Listen to presto

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