COMP spch Bach

Johan Sebastian Bach's speach

"Hello. I'm pleased to meet you. My name is Johan Sebastian Bach but most people call me Bach. I'm a composer and I've composed a lot of music.

When I was a little boy, my father taught me to play the violin - I'm also pretty good at playing the organ. Actually, I also learned to play the harpsichord and to sing. My entire family plays different musical instruments.

When I was a young man, scientists began to emerge. They studied nature. Actually, they still do. I find all the new discoveries very interesting. Perhaps, I'm somewhat of a scientist too. When it comes to music, of course. I love composing new music. Music that you've NEVER heard before. For example, I've been studying in how many ways I can compose a fugue.

I like inventing different musical instruments. Among other things, I've invented a glockenspiel with pedals to control the tone… and a lute with keys. A lute is normally equipped with strings but I wanted a lute with keys.

I've managed to get a very posh job in Leipzig. I'm the new cantor - which means I'm the new head of the famous choir school. I also work as an organist and I compose songs for the churches in town so I'm pretty busy. The salary is also much better than in my previous job where part of my salary was paid in goods, for example fish, grain and firewood.

And it's nice to have more money at my disposal because I've many children. I've 20 children in total. Unfortunately, seven of them died when they were very young. But I teach the remaining 13 children to play and compose. Carl Philip Emanuel is really good at it.

Coffee has become very modern. I'm very fond of coffee myself. I've written an entire cantata - which is a piece of music for singers and orchestra. The cantata is about coffee. People call it the 'Coffee Cantata'. It's about how difficult it is to get children to listen to you. The father wants his daughter to stop drinking coffee. But the daughter won't so he says that he'll find her a fine husband if she promises to stay away from coffee. The daughter accepts but at the end, she says that he must find her a husband who'll accept that she drinks all the coffee she wants. Alas. You can find the Coffee Cantata on Youtube.

Even though I compose a lot of church music, I also compose other music genres. Among other things, I've composed cheerful music for the end-of-term celebration and for several weddings.

Oh, I must go …. take care. Oh, by the way, you can read about me at the museum.


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