COMP spch Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven's speach

"Guten tag, guten tag. My name is Ludwig van Beethoven. Unfortunately, I'm suffering from hearing loss and this certainly affects my mood. From time to time, I get very depressed. The doctor says that I'll go completely deaf. So I welcomed the invitation to visit Symphonia Actually, I find it so difficult to hear that I always bring a notebook with me so people can write it down if I can't hear them.

I've been told that I can come across as very intense when I'm conducting an orchestra. But it's hard to stand still because the music is so captivating. However, it bothered me when one evening during a concert, I discovered that the concertmaster was standing behind me. There he was …. conducting the orchestra behind my back  … only because the tempo was too fast so the musicians had difficulties keeping up with me.

Some time ago, I decided to play the piano and conduct the orchestra at the same concert. After finishing my piano piece, I got up to conduct the orchestra. But I got up so quickly that the two large candlesticks on the piano hit the ground with a crash. The audience laughed at me and I lost my temper. I demanded that we started all over again. But this time, I wanted to make sure that nothing happened to the candlesticks so I had two boys hold them. But helas, when I got up again to conduct the orchestra, I hit one of the boys on the head. He got so scared that he lost the candlestick. The audience couldn't stop laughing. Now, I no longer conduct and play the piano at the same time. I've tried it several times but in future, you'll no longer find me as a soloist at the piano.

At the university in Bonn, I heard the words 'human freedom' for the first time. I'm talking about democracy and a world where no individual can make decisions on behalf of everybody. This subject preoccupies me and I'm trying to incorporate it into my music. To begin with, the music describes a battle but it all ends with a big and beautiful finale - victory after the battle. I've illustrated this in my Symphony No. 5.

I'm a free spirit. My music is so popular that a lot of people give me money. So I don't have to be employed - I can do what I want.

Unfortunately, I never married. There have been different women in my life, some may even say a lot of women but marriage never came my way. I love falling in love with princesses etc. but they can't marry a composer just like that. Too bad!

But it would have been nice if I had had a wife. I'm a bit disorganised. The other day, I was arrested by a police officer. He thought I was homeless. Maybe because I hadn't had a chance to change my clothes for a few days - well, for a long time. But still - he should have recognised me.

Anyway, I don't have time to talk right now - I've been invited to a posh party again today. People are very fond of my music so they often ask me to play the piano after dinner.

You can read more about me at the museum  - Auf Wiedersehen "


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