COMP spch Erik Sandberg

Erik Sandberg's speach

"Hi! My name is Erik Sandberg. I'm a composer and a musician. I've written the piece called Black on Blue. I grew up in Sweden.

I love music and when I was 9 years old, I began playing the horn. I would have preferred playing the trombone or trumpet, but my father suggested that I should try and play the horn because it had such a beautiful sound. So naturally, I did. But I had no idea what a horn was.

Well, I found out very quickly. Only a few years later, I could play much more vigorously on the horn than the rest of the school orchestra together.

I like listening to music - preferably opera. I'm crazy about opera. When I studied at the academy of music in Vienna, I went to the opera almost every night. It was fantastic.

I find composing very exciting. It's almost like solving a very complicated crossword puzzle at the same time as I'm inventing it. It is a really good exercise for the brain and ears. You should try it. It is actually very funny. I think that most people could compose music if they only tried.

When I'm not playing the horn and composing, I like reading and listening to music. And I'm teaching music too.

Drop by the Museum here in town. There, you can read more about me and Black on Blue. You can also listen to Black on Blue at the Concert Hall.

Bye - see you!"


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